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Tactads, or how to track internet users without cookies

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A startup from the Mines Nantes incubator offers advertisers original technology using statistical processing of internet user connections.

Among the numerous startups working on internet-based consumers, there is one which looks particularly promising : Tactads  which has designed a new web application for tracking and targeting online advertising. "Most tracking technology, relies on the use of browser cookies, explains the founder, Romain Gauthier, graduate of ESCP-Europe in 2011.  Whereas our solution uses predictive statistics." A much less intrusive process, which protects internet user's privacy. Another advantage is that the solution takes into account the fact that internet users  constantly switch screens, even during the course of one day, from smartphone to tablet to computer.

Concretely, Tactads  groups together different devices and browsers connected to a site, which have some common characteristics such as geography (in particular location of connection) or behaviour ( time, device used...). "This enables us, in matter of days, to create smaller and smaller groups, which have similar profiles, and then to deduce the likelihood of future events, especially in terms of consumption, for a large part of the internet audience.", continues Romain Gauthier. It is this type of information that Tactads is offering its potential clients, advertisers or the advertising market. The start-up is way ahead of internet giants. Naturally, this technology involves  colossal amounts of data, which in turn means massive databases, using cloud database management. 'Response-times' also need to be as quick as possibe.

Sharp acceleration ahead

Set up in April 2013, Tactads is located at the Ecole des Mines de Nantes incubator. With its co-founder Jawad Stouli, graduate from HEC (2013), they chose to set up the company outside of Paris, where the startup scene seemed "over-crowded". They felt that the incubator at Mines Nantes offered two advantages : firstly it offered the young 'shoot' an ideal location during the initial stages, and above all the chance to work closely with the IT laboratories within the school, which boast “top level research scientists, including some of the most highly skilled in the world." Not to mention the visibilty it could provide Tactads.

For the moment, their small team is working on developing and improving solutions, and validating its work."The tests have proved very successful, explains the founder. Our solution works well, particulaly for targetting multi-screen users. We are now sure that there is a demand for this kind of web application in the advertising world." This is an important issue, especially at a time when advertising practice is being criticized and regulated. So the company is ready to move to the next level, to market their product to advertisers, and advertising agencies. They have set themselves some very ambitious targets for 2015. As of this year, the company will be taking on around six new people.

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