Double degrees : a valuable asset in the global marketplace

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by Annya Réquilé, head of the International Graduate school at EM Nantes.

The international dimension is a key element in the school's development strategy in terms of training and research. From the very beginning, the school has looked far beyond borders,  through collaboration with prestigious partners such as Georgia Tech or Virginia Tech in the  USA. That this approach remains at the heart of the development strategy is demonstrated by the recently signed agreements with the University of Tokyo in Japan and Jiao Tong in China. EM Nantes is now part of a vast international network, of fifty institutions, which gives students the chance of experiencing mobility, and of working alongside foreign students brought together on an international campus.


Increasing the number of partnerships is not an objective in itself. What EM Nantes is trying to do is to establish a limited number of privileged partners who share its values, particularly its career-oriented approach to training, in developing working relationships, pooling efforts and developing joint programmes.


In keeping with the idea behind this tight network, EM Nantes has set up double degree programmes at Master's level, twenty so far, with prestigious partner institutions in Europe as well as internationally. This shows the school's desire to foster international cooperation in a number of different ways, the double degree being one of them. This policy of setting up double degrees is strongly backed by the regional council of the Pays de La  Loire region, through scholarships and grants awarded to incoming students. After a selection process carried out by both partner institutions, the double degree programmes offer students the chance to graduate with two degrees, one from the EM Nantes, the other from the partner institution. This means mutual recognition of the level of training given by each institution, genuine co-contracting of the training with our partners, with assessment and follow-up of the mobile students as well as sharing the same educational ideas.


Beyond the exchange, in terms of academic years, the double degree agreements enable genuine exchanges to take place, in more than ten different countries (mainly in the USA, Canada, China, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, as well as in the main European countries like Germany, Spain, Sweden and Russia). In addition to these countries, English-speaking countries and countries such as Columbia, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa and Turkey are being targetted as potential partners because they are playing an increasingly important role in the global economy. In the meantime EM Nantes is continuing to expand the double degree programme at Master's level, offering a double set of competences as is the case with our partner in Columbia, Los Andes university, with whom we are working at the moment, to set up a double degree in Engineering/Management, as well as another at Phd level.


Recently, double degree agreements have been reached after long discussions between the EM Nantes and the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) in Derhradun in India, with the Mody Institute of Techology and Science (MITS) in Lakshmangarh, again in India,  and the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) in Bandung in Indonesia. Other discussions are being undertaken to design double degree courses with Korea, Jordan and Poland.


From the student's viewpoint, the mobility paths in double degree courses, which involve 6-12 more months of study, are the opportunity for personal growth and development and the chance to learn about another culture. It helps them become open-minded, to develop adaptability and self reliance, and to master other languages, and more than anything else,  it enhances their prospects in the international labor market. Opportunities to be grabbed without hesitation !


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