New recruits for the business incubator

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The Mines Nantes business incubator continues to expand. Over the summer, three new startup projects have been housed here :

- Sensor Wake, a project for a smell-based alarm clock. Designed by a young inventor from Nantes, Guillaume Rolland (19), the device wakens the user in less than two minutes, with a smell such as coffee, croissants or sea spray, using a system of  recyclable capsules. Sensor Wake already has pre-orders for 200,000 olfactory alarm clocks, and raised  200,000 euros through crowdfunding, with over 1,500 backers. Having received numerous prizes, in particular the concours Lépine invention competition, the project was one of 15 innovations of the year nominated for the Google Science Fair award. It is also supported by Atlanpole.


- eMinove Transform is a project management software program designed to optimise organisational change. A mobile phone application passes on any problems the user might encounter. The platform then finds the right person and puts forward recommandations.


- Smart Cast proposes solutions for automation in construction, by using digital modelling. The company makes and sells tailor made products for general contracting businesses.The project leader has an R&D agreement with Icam, Nantes.


The business incubator is also host to two young fledgling entrepreneurs at the sandbox stage. The two projects are led by young women. Enerdigit an intelligent electricity network system which allows users to find the cheapest energy tariffs. Mobidys, on the other hand, is working on the design of digital books for people with reading difficulties (such as dyslexia). Both startups will benefit from the guidance and expertise of the business incubator for a period of six months.


In all, there are now sixteen companies housed within the business incubator. Remember that the business incubator works in conjunction with the twelve schools in Nantes, working with another incubator at Centrale-Audencia-Ensa in Nantes. This set up will take on another dimension with the forthcoming merger with Télécom Bretagne.


Another initiative aimed at supporting the creation of new businesses : the Ecole des Mines de Nantes is a partner, through its endowment fund, of the "Prix coup de pouce", organised by the Fondation Le Roch-Les Mousquetaires. The competition is open to young entrepreneurs (under 35) who have a project for an innovative startup, and who want to speed up the development of their company. The competition is open to members of the "Odyssée" initiative, which brings together fifteen different institutions in Nantes. The closing date was at the end of September. The projects will go before a  selection panel in the coming weeks. The winners will share funding of 20,000 euros.


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