Data centers : ban energy wasting

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EasyVirt, which sells a software for managing and optimizing data centers, keeps on developping with the support of the École des Mines de Nantes.

If a data center just needs 50 servers running, why should one hundred be working ? After asking that question to himself, Jean-Marc Menaud, teacher researcher at the École des Mines de Nantes, conceived the software btrCloud (pronounce betterCloud, formerly known as Entropy) : this software measures the activity of each computer and optimizes the whole data center, switching on or off the devices in real time. In short, it is a resource-saving weapon sparing RAM, licences and most of all energy – in so huge quantities that no one can really imagine. Above all, btrCloud works with existing facilities, gets ready to work in a few clics and can operate without any human guidance if needed.

As the readers of Talents des Mines already know (see issues n°85 and 91), Entropy gave birth in 2011 to a start-up, EasyVirt. That business owes much to the association of Jean-Marc Menaud and Martin Dargent, the founder of Kaliterre, a consultancy firm specialized in sustainable development, and also to the École des Mines de Nantes since Easyvirt is housed in the CITT 1, one of its centers.

EasyVirt has already ten clients and expects in its first financial year a revenue amounting to 200 000 euros, which should double every following year, thanks to the unique features of its product (it is the only tool that simultaneously analyses the waste of resources and helps reduce it) and an international network of ressellers being implemented. Thus, Jean-Marc Menaud, still teacher researcher at the École des Mines de Nantes, can remain focused on R&D. “The next step, he explains, will consist in managing the heat that the servers produce in order to diminish the energy needed for air conditioning.” The environmental challenge has become so important that the European Union referenced EasyVirt as a Datacenter Code of Conduct. Considering that only fifteen firms in France have been referenced this way, the pioneers of Green IT know now that their work is being widely recognized.

1 CITT stands for Centre d’Innovation et de Transfert de Technologies (Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer)


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